Local Marketing Services for Restaurants

Be found by local food lovers with personalized restaurant marketing.

What We Do

At The Local Lighthouse, we help local restaurants get discovered and give them a chance to fill more seats night after night. Local search marketing is key, with online customers using popular search engines and channels before they make a reservation.

With an experienced digital marketing strategist working for you, your restaurant will reach more people than ever before.

Are you ready to be found by more customers online?

Our team of top-tier consultants is ready to plan and execute your digital marketing strategy. The restaurant business is our business.

Put your restaurant on the map.

Our personalized restaurant marketing strategies will help your restaurant be found and chosen by more customers. We optimize based on local keywords and create content that highlights your products and services. When local strategies are used effectively, you will see an increase in reservations and sales throughout the year.

Optimized digital channels give consumers all the information they need to choose your restaurant, including your location, hours, menu, prices, and contact information.

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Get cooking with local digital marketing strategies.

Our industry-leading marketing solutions maximize the number of times your restaurant, menus, and services are showcased to customers on Google, Facebook, and other major channels.