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No other type of business faces the unique challenges that marijuana dispensaries face. As more states implement laws allowing recreational and/or medical marijuana, new businesses are popping up across the country. Growing your new business depends on your ability to gain new customers while retaining those you already have. 

Google My Business (GMB) is one of the most valuable tools available for your cannabis business. It provides a versatile platform that lets you connect with more customers looking for your products in your area. 

It gains better control of what searchers see and keep track of what works and what doesn't. Interacting with GMB users helps you build a sense of trust that customers demand when purchasing cannabis products. 

Google My Business to Increase Visibility and Attract New Customers

Listing your medical marijuana dispensary with a Google My Business listing is just the first step. Even if you’ve already done a lot of what’s listed here, there are some additional steps to help you optimize your GMB listing. Some of the steps are especially important for cannabis dispensaries looking to get a bigger share of customers trying medical or recreational marijuana for the first time.

It isn’t surprising that dispensaries face unique difficulties with online marketing. They have more legal issues and regulations. 

You’ve probably already discovered that traditional marketing methods don’t work the same for your marijuana business. One challenge is trying to track in-store visits that began online. With so many people searching for all types of businesses online, many of your transactions will start on the internet and end in your physical store.

Put Your Dispensary on the Map

The first, and most crucial step, is to claim and verify your Google Maps listing. This helps you make your business visible to more potential customers and it increases your chances of appearing in related search results.

If your business listing is verified, your marijuana dispensary is more likely to show in the Knowledge Panel. This is the mini sidebar beside the displayed search results. 

Google only shows the Knowledge Panel when it’s confident it knows what the user is looking for. It also includes a user-friendly interface to entice users to interact further with your business. 

Google provides users with commonly used resources including: 

  • Directions to your business
  • Link to your website
  • Hours of operation
  • Additional information.

A verified listing isn’t an option in the highly competitive marijuana industry. Without it, you aren’t likely to appear in the “3 Pack” when someone searches for a marijuana dispensary. 

The second step is to properly optimize your listing as a part of your local SEO marketing strategy. GMB allows you to effortlessly reach more people. Our local GMB strategists help your cannabis dispensary reach out to more customers so you can focus on running your business.

We’ll curate and post custom images, create quality content, and produce status updates to inspire new customers to interact. Let The Local Lighthouse help you build your brand.  

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